Psychotherapy is a powerful technique that can be used in the treatment of psychological and emotional problems.  This is achieved by providing insight and understanding of oneself and problem solving skills relating to our life challenges. Psychotherapy can empower individuals with better coping strategies, building on their strengths and recognising their weaknesses. 

it is our mind, and nothing else, that chains us or sets us free
— Seneca


Counselling provides a platform to deliver psychotherapeutic techniques.  It aims to establish trust and rapport between the therapist and the client who seeks to understand their inner conflicts and uncomfortable emotions.By providing a safe, empathetic and special space based on mutual respect and without judgement, the individual will be willing  to off load difficult stresses and to overcome negative thought patterns thus reaching long lasting positive change.       

your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change
— Jim Rohn

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